Welcome to CrossWalk -- our unique Bible memory program! Kids get excited about the treasure of scripture as they memorize passages on "God's Blessings", "Wisdom in Relationships", "Triumph Through Trials" and other truths. Their young, quick minds soak up the entire 23rd Psalm, all of 1 Cor. chapter 13 and more through active games, songs, and practice, practice, practice. These longer passages provide more context and opportunity to get God's word into the lives of our Preschool through 5th grade students. Motivated by prizes, kids are rewarded with a solid foundation of God's word finding a home in their hearts -- all while having FUN together!


Preschool CrossWalk presents the gems of scripture in ways that little minds and hearts enjoy! We sing, play games, and make crafts to learn simple themes and shorter verses of the same passages covered in the older classes.

K - 1st Grade

Join the K-1st grade CrossWalk class where we learn one new Bible verse each week. Just like the older groups, we have our own booklets so we can practice at home. Games and discussions help pre-readers understand and master basic passages. These beginners can earn awards to recognize their diligent memorization of full passages and even entire booklets of Bible verses!
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2nd - 3rd Grade

2nd-3rd grade Crosswalk booklets continue to cover key passages from Genesis 1 to Revelation 20, and Psalm 23, John 14 & many others in between. They revisit the same basic set of passages they started in K-1st grade, but now add another new verse each week. Doubling the passages helps deepen their understanding of what these verses tell us about God’s relationship with us. Games and hand motions help make memorizing easier and…FUN!
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4th - 5th Grade

4th-5th grade Crosswalk then builds on the previous levels, now having students memorize 3-4 verses per week. This accumulation of Bible passages over the years presents the ultimate CrossWalk challenge of learning more than 240 verses and receive very special recognition for reciting all the CrossWalk passages in one sitting! More importantly, these older students have more ability and material to discuss what the verses mean and how God's word can change their lives.
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