Hillview Bible Chapel
CrossWalk Bible Memory Passages

Our entire collection of CrossWalk Bible passages for all eight quarters, arranged by grade levels for you to treasure anytime, anywhere. Access or download entire CrossWalk booklet contents or selected portions to practice memorizing these key passages and boost your love for God and His Word.

Blessings From God

1st Quarter (Sept-Nov: Odd Year)

Looking at Jesus

2nd Quarter (Dec-Feb: Odd Year Year)

Wisdom In Relationships

3rd Quarter (Mar-May: Even Year)

Important Teachings of Jesus

4th Quarter (June-Aug: Even Year)

God is Awesome

5th Quarter (Sept-Nov: Even Year)

The Gospel

6th Quarter (Dec-Feb: Even Year)

Triumph through Trials

7th Quarter (Mar-May: Odd Year)

God & Me

8th Quarter (June-Aug: Odd Year)