Sunday School

Our Kids Ministry offers Sunday School classes for kids in Preschool through Jr. High. Our loving teachers use a comprehensive curriculum that includes fun activities, memory verses, and multi-media to help students study the whole Bible, know a personal God, experience the power of prayer, and grow in Christian character. We use a parental check-in system to promote security for kids in Preschool through 1st grade.


Jump into Preschool class where we have bunches of fun. We laugh and make new friends as we do puzzles & Play-Doh. Bible stories come alive as our patient teachers lead us in active lessons such as building an ark with blocks or having "Wooly the Lamb" come to visit.

K-1st Grade

Come along to our K-1st grade class! We color, play games, listen to Bible stories, and perform the parts of the stories we’ve learned. We have a great time learning about our loving Creator and talking with friends and teachers about the things that mean the most to us.

2nd-3rd Grade

We invite you to the 2nd-3rd grade class where we know you’ll learn a lot! We cover key lessons from throughout the Bible. Our discussions and activities focus on principles of responsibility, prayerfulness, serving others and many more. Sharing our experiences and many answers to our prayers show us how God’s love and power are real!

4th-5th Grade

We challenge our 4th & 5th grade students to consider their impact on others and understand their relationship with God, through Christ. We explore God's message, plan for us, and gifts to us; life, choice, salvation, and purpose. Each class is wrapped in a loving and light-hearted approach to reach every student right where they are.

Jr High

Join the Jr. High class as we study the Bible through lively discussions, and learn important principles about peacemaking and serving others. We also spend time forming quality friendships through other special events like backyard movie nights, our Christmas banquet, mini-golf, bowling and other fun times together.