Hillview Bible Chapel

Foundation Series

We offer a series of adult courses on the foundations of our faith and our church: Survey of Basic Christianity, Basic Christian Training, Welcome to Hillview, and Peacemakers. We teach two of the courses per year on Sunday mornings.

Prayer Time

Isaiah 56:7 "For My house will be called a house of prayerfor all the peoples." Every Sunday, we meet as a church family to pray. We lift praises & requests to the Lord, for one another's personal needs, our local ministries & activities, and opportunities to share Christ’s message abroad.

Wednesday Classes

We desire to "present every man complete in Christ " (Colossians 1:28) through adult classes on such edifying topics as Bible Survey, Marriage, Christian Training, Holiness, Doctrine, etc. Teachers present lessons & lead group discussions on curriculum that often applies to our University of ACTS.

Ladies Ministries

Our Ladies' Events encourage women with testimonies, teaching, & fun activities. We have rich teaching & wonderful fellowship at our Women's retreats. Spiritual growth opportunities include mid-week Bible study, one-one discipling, & serving each other with bridal/baby showers or meals to the sick.

Men's Ministries

"Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." (Proverbs 27:17) We seek to deepen our relationships with Jesus and in our church through brotherly Christian fellowship. We host hearty Men's Breakfasts with relevant Bible teaching, and go even deeper on our rejuvenating Men's Weekend Retreats.

Spanish Ministry

Si usted tiene problemas con el inglés y además no tiene un propósito para su vida en este mundo, nuestro ministerio le ayudará a cumplir el propósito de Dios para usted y los suyos, a conocer a Dios y crecer en Cristo Jesús como Salvador y Señor de su vida sin la barrera del lenguaje.

ESL Fellowship

Hillview’s ESL (English as a Second Language) Ministry offers events for participants to comfortably practice their English with us at a deeper level and become more involved in our church. It's a great way for ESL Christians to gather & invite friends, while improving their English.

Fellowship Groups

Small groups of our church family meet weekly for Christian fellowship in Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Cupertino. We enjoy singing, prayer and studying the Bible, followed by refreshments. Each group has its own Bible topic, schedule, and some evenings of games and potlucks, too.