University of ACTS

The University of ACTS (UOA) is a program designed to bring biblical training to the local church in an effective and culturally relevant manner. The acronym stands for Adult in-Church Training for Service. It involves elements typically found in a university, such as classroom instruction, testing, and a specific curriculum, as well as elements that are not, such as Bible memorization, personal discipleship, character development, and Christian service. The UOA is not governed or accredited by any outside organization. This leaves the local church free to adapt the training to the needs of its members. Students can expect to find in the UOA the same biblical principles of love, patience, and kindness found in other ministries of the church.

Survey of the Faith

Survey of the Bible

Studies in Christian Living

Studies in Gift and Calling

Books of the Bible

Summer Training and Equipping Program (STEP)

Intern Program