STP 2022 Courses

Track 1

  1. Principles of Bible study
  2. Gospel Outline-1
  3. True Discipleship (Discussion)
  4. New Testament church principles
  5. New Testament Survey

Track 2

  1. Devotionals
  2. Here is the difference; bringing important Christian distinctions into focus
  3. Gospel Outline-2
  4. Discussion leading (True discipleship)
  5. Bible study methods
  6. Follow-up

NOTE: Students will go through either Track-1 or Track-2, which will be decided after reviewing each application.

In addition to these classes, the following are being planned

  1. Testimony time where saints from Hillview and Grace Bible chapels and outside will be invited to share their testimony of God’s work and discipleship decisions
  2. A mandatory one week away (7/25-7/29), where the students will be involved in a deeper study of God’s word, enjoy deeper fellowship with each other and be exposed to evangelistic opportunities.
  3. Saturday events (special seminars, field trips, service projects, evangelistic events etc.)
  4. Sunday ministry opportunity for each student

Key Dates

  • Applications available : 01/13/22
  • Applications deadline : 03/13/22
  • Kick off dinner and Orientation : 05/22/22
  • Classes start: 06/09/22
  • Classes end & Graduation : 08/14/22
  • Week away : 07/25-07/29